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Laser Charter & rib charter

Our boats are all 2015 hulls with XD spec rigging. They are available to charter and below is an event calendar showing some of the events in Europe this season. If you would like to charter a boat for an event which isn't in the table below or for more details regarding boat charter, please contact us.

Price: 80 Euro per day plus VAT. Prices vary depending on booking. Contact us for further details.

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Description: Depending on your level and availability, we can organize your tailored coaching plan. Water sessions, theory lessons, nutritions, gym activity, calendar planning. Working with our Laser coach and our team, we can realize a specific plan for your goals: National Cup, Europa Cup, European or World Championship.

Dates: on request

Prices: 150 Euro per day. Depending on the program, duration e number of sailors. Contact us for more informations.

Location: Trainings can take place in Torbole or Campione.

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Laser clinics

Description: Throughout the season clinics are available before each major laser event on Garda. We have different clinics for different the different classes and will have a 'pre event' training focus to help to you prepare for the regatta.

Dates: 28th-29th March, 4th- 5th April, 2nd - 3rd May, 6th-7th June, 20th-21st June, 1st-2nd August, 8th-9th August, 15th-16th August.

Price: 300 Euro Residential / 250 Euro non residental

Centre: Campione as residential base. Training may be held out of either centre.

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Regata Coaching

Description: If you want to join an event, a race, but you don’t have any type of logistic support, this is the best solution for you. A Laser coach will follow you ashore and on the water, to manage the race in the best way: weather, logistic, the fleet, your strengths and weaknesses, providing you psicologic and practic support, staying on the water on the rib.

Dates: on request

Prices: 75 Euro per day in a team, 150 Euro per day for private coaching.

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About us

The idea of SailLaser was created by LaserPerformance, and SailLaser Italy is operated by Negrinautica.


The boats

The boats of our fleet are always up to date models. They are in perfect condition and regularly serviced the staff.


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